Of Writing, Art, and Freedom

Could a bird raised in a cage dream of flying above an open field?  

She danced in the night. Her skin becoming one with the silver of the moon. Celestial rays sifted through her flowing translucent veil. She danced of sorrow and she danced of joy. Her body… flowing. Her passion… releasing. Her life and her thoughts, her desires and her woes, her flesh and her spirit, her story painted on the living canvas of her sinuous dance. Finding solace in the lullaby of her rhythm. She danced for herself, with the Stars as her audience, with the Moon as her spotlight, with the ground beneath her bare feet as her stage. And with the soft whispers of the wind humming in tune with the movements of her veil.  She danced with grace and she danced openly, unrestrained and unmasked, unbound from the limits of society, free, at long last, to live, to feel, to imagine.

I have come to think of my writing process as being more than just a trivial creative outlet. It has become a ritual of sorts, with a purpose that transcends the limits of idle entertainment.  It is, in a way, an ode to imperfection, a tribute to the chaos that lies within the human mind. For me, writing is the metamorphosis of a dream from imagination to reality, just as reading is a rite of passage that involves traversing complex labyrinths of phrases in order to gain insight into the author’s cognitive process.

According to Fernando Pessoa, “literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life”. While that may be true for those of us who are truly passionate about books and writing, for others it may seem more appropriate to replace the word “literature” with “art”. Be it music, dance, cinematography, videogames (may I refer you to innumerous essays and articles discussing the artistic value of videogames within the entertainment industry), painting, architecture, sculpture, photography or any other expression of creativity, the fact of the matter is we often turn to art as a means of enhancing our reality, whether we identify ourselves as the audience or as the artist.

For some, art can be a form of therapy. It can be a way of immortalizing those fleeting and elusive thoughts that come to us in brief, sporadic moments of creativity.  Or it can be a way of releasing those heavy, lingering, visionary ideas that have been obsessing us for years. It can be a way of sharing innovative concepts or it can be a way of presenting an alternative reality in a pleasing manner.

As a writer, the rush of flowing words and ideas can become a highly addictive thrill. As the concepts start forming in our minds and thoughts start taking a more definite shape, the brain starts searching for the proper words to express those notions in our language of choice. Words and phrases become vessels that contain ideas, which represent the true essence of our artistic creation. Searching for the proper way to manipulate those instruments and truly take advantage of the subtleties of each language can truly be one of the most fascinating aspects of the writing process. Moreover, it requires thinking outside the box, challenging our views and opening our minds to new algorithms and thinking patterns that exceed all language barriers, thus becoming, in the end, a truly liberating experience.

I am free to imagine and I am free to fly. My words are my wings.



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