Brief Soliloquy

I said I wouldn’t go back. I will never go back. No matter what stands in my way.


As I am sitting here contemplating all the things I’ve wanted to achieve during this lifetime, I find myself counting more failures than successes. Then, inevitably, I try to find a culprit. It’s human nature, after all, to search for the most convenient scapegoat: circumstances, acquaintances, life, society, others’ expectations, peer pressure… anything and everything but my own true self.

Truth of the matter is I write my own story on my way towards my goals and ambitions. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then the road to failure is paved with excuses. So then what is the road to success paved with? … Failures. And learning from those failures. Failure is one of the most underappreciated opportunities life has to offer. I am a better person now thanks to all the times I have been broken and put back together as a stronger, more cohesive entity.

My mind is like the lens of a camera: it will only see the aspects that it’s focusing on. The beauty of it lies in realizing that the only person operating that camera is me. In a way, I am the author and I am the character. I am the hero and I am the villain. I am the victim and I am the culprit. The obstacles that I have to face are my own demons. And it’s my choice whether I want to overcome or simply ignore them. Today I have decided to fight. Win or lose, it’s a for life. My life. A better life.


From now on I will be building my way to success… One failure at a time.


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